We have a great meeting room here at The Jenny Lind Inn, with fantastic views of the old town and one of Hasting’s funiculars can be seen operating. It is a very adaptable room that can be used for a wide range of events, from small dinner parties, wedding receptions, to business meetings.

We have a great team of outside caterers that are able to provide amazing food for your every need. Just check out their reviews on trip advisor.

We are able to arrange a package for you to ensure that everything you require will be available to you. If you are looking to have a family weekend for 11 adults then we can combine the use of the hotel rooms with your own private lounge, we can also arrange a private breakfast for all of you at the hotel.  Just contact us to discuss your needs.

If it is a business meeting that you are looking to host, then the Jenny Lind is a perfect balance between a relaxed setting and a quiet room for important discussions.  We will help to set up the room for you and can provide breakfast, lunch or dinner – even a Subbuteo tournament for the times that you want your team to unwind!

So, why not leave your company cars at home and get a train to the sea side for that special team meeting. We are at the other end of the phone waiting to discuss your needs from 9.30am daily 01424 421 392.

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